Leadership Development

Leadership Development

Bridging the gap between
corporations and people

Leadership Development Training...

supports the evolution of leaders in the workplace by streamlining the acquiring of new skills.

Strong leaders support organizational objectives by embodying corporate values and influencing the entire organizational structure to the advantage of all—ultimately advancing the agendas of both people and profits.

Team Building

Performance Management

Goal Setting

Strategic Thinking


Conflict Management


Additional Topics

Training modules can cover a range of topics, or zero in on just one area.

Training programs can be customized to suit specific teams or leaders.

Who Benefits?


  • Bigger profits
  • Increased employee retention
  • Enhanced company culture
  • Effective use and development of talent
  • Leaders who understand how to manage change


  • Strategies and methods for effective team building
  • The ability to transform company culture
  • Techniques to enhance their presence
  • Feedback about the effects they have on others
  • The ability to set and achieve goals

Training Courses with Donia

Donia has developed and delivered customized training onsite programs within a number of industries including the aviation, manufacturing, renewable energy, IT, and Education sectors.

Currently she’s building an online training course that will give new leaders the essentials they need to succeed.