Executive Coaching

Soar Above

Executive coaching is one of the best ways to put your most important players on the fast track to success. Invest in them and watch your business soar above your competition.


Executive Coaching with Donia

When your business invests in key talent, your organization becomes stronger and better able to achieve objectives.

Executive coaching is one of the best ways to put your most important players on the fast track to success. Executive coaching with Donia typically involves the following:

First steps

The initial component of the coaching process is to identify clear goals, as well as the metrics used to define their achievement. Both the executive to be coached and the organization’s representative(s), need to collaborate with Donia to determine what these goals should be.

Building on strengths

Those who are coached will be challenged to break past their current limits and become extraordinary executives and leaders within the organization. Donia’s coaching programs build on the inherent strengths already present in the coachee to facilitate the kind of breakthroughs that lead to tangible results.

A tailor-made coaching program

Executive coaching contracts with Donia are custom built around the specific goals of the organization and the coachee. No two organizations are identical, each having its own unique mission and objectives. Donia specializes in designing programs that work seamlessly with organizational values. Tailor-made programs ensure that the desired results are achieved in the manner that best suits the organization and the coachee.

About six months of coaching sessions

Typically, executive coaching sessions are set for a 24-week period, with sessions lasting at least 90 minutes and taking place once every two weeks. They are delivered virtually, either by video or voice call.

Regular assessment reports

At regular intervals, reporting audits are conducted to ensure that the executive coaching program remains in alignment with strategic objectives.

Development in critical areas

Executive coaching sessions are enhanced by integrating key concepts to focus on each fortnight. Individual sessions will address how the assignment of the key concepts went and use this information to tackle obstacles or sharpen skills.