About Donia Becker

About Coach Donia Becker

Donia Becker draws on nearly 20 years of experience working in leadership and human potential development to deliver coaching and training that makes a difference.

Results are guaranteed whether she’s coaching individuals or teams. 

Helping organizations and individuals achieve their full potential is what Donia does best. She works with businesses to develop key talent and teams and thereby advance organizational objectives. She also works with motivated individuals to achieve big goals and live a purposeful life.

Executive Coach Donia Becker

Coaching Style

Donia simultaneously harnesses both her business acumen and coach training to help her clients overcome challenges. Her coaching style employs compassion and candor, integrity and ingenuity, pragmatism and passion. She relies on empathy to build rapport, strategic problem solving to overcome obstacles and confidence in each coachee’s potential to create lasting changes that make a difference.

Read about the five-step approach Donia uses in all her coaching programs on the Life Coaching page.

Coaching philosophy

Donia’s coaching philosophy is derived from what she knows really works. The following are some of the main components that influence her coaching practice.

Each person has a unique set of strengths that make him or her extraordinary.

Donia coaches individuals to take ownership of their full potential and use the complete force of their brilliance to enhance their performance, in life and in business.

Our everyday lives are most fulfilling when infused with meaning and purpose.

Mediocre leads to a mundane existence. You must engage with your full potential every day to reap extraordinary results.

Great wins are won with small actions.

Sometimes the cultivation of the smallest habit can result in an astounding change. Donia works with you to make a positive impact at every level of your life or business.

Positivity is powerful, but only when it’s grounded in reality.

Donia will teach and model the practice of positivity. Seeing the best in people and situations around us allows us to more easily identify opportunities for excellence.

We’re all works in progress with infinite possibility in front of us.

No living person is fully formed. Donia sees the potential for extraordinary transformation in her clients and works with them to polish their strengths.

Relationships are the cornerstone of all personal and business success.

It’s only by building bridges between people, cultures and values that we achieve outstanding results.

World Class Organizations Donia has Worked With

Donia’s background is in training and organizational development. She’s worked globally as a consultant for both large international companies and small startups to bring talent into alignment with business goals.

She also has a degree in psychology and a diploma in HR Management. In addition, she has a range of in-depth training curriculums to draw inspiration from including a number of human potential development courses (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, Landmark Forum, Hoffman Process, etc.) and skills based courses (conflict resolution, negotiation skills, etc.). Donia also has an ICF coaching certificate—the gold standard for accreditation in the coaching world.

Donia’s worked and lived in more than half-a-dozen countries across three different continents. This experience empowers her understanding of a wide range of ethnic and cultural backgrounds, and how these influences inform organizations and individuals.

Donia looks for ways to challenge her clients to grow and develop. She helps them stretch past their current limits and supports them in taking on new experiences. Most importantly, she’s 100% committed to their success, facilitating the actions required to achieve real results.